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Family Photos

The good news? We are experts at getting kids to laugh and look at the camera. We won't expose our methods, but they're pretty top notch. And there's no bad news, because we love capturing families in their element! To us, family is everything. We come from a super close-knit family and we know how powerful the love of a family can me. It's our goal to capture the love and joy your family exudes, and make some new memories in the process! 


Senior Photos

We love capturing senior photos that showcase such an important time of your life! We know how to bring out the best in people, so we guarantee we will make you feel comfortable and help you go into your senior year feeling fly! Not sure if the kids are saying "fly" anymore but what's done is done. We specialize in outdoor photography and live on a farm - so you can either come to us, or we can work it out to come to you! 

Mountain Ridge

Engagement Photos

Capturing love is one of our favorite things! Lets get ready for your big day with some beautiful photos and some fun memories.


portraits/head shots

just some photos of cool people 

Crystal Salt


don't trust someone who doesn't love animals

Vintage Camera

andrea's film shots

andrea has a film camera now, we get it 

Mountain Ridge


not all those who wander are lost, or something like that 

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