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Get to know us!

We are a sister duo out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who want to capture your wedding! Even though we are based in the Midwest, we love traveling, so it won't be hard to convince us to come to you! 


Sabrina brings her technical videography skills and creativity, and Andrea brings over 10 years of television experience to the table. Together, we bring your special day to life! We are all about FUN, and you better believe we are bringing fun energy to your already joyous celebration. We could say more, but we'd rather show you! Check out our videos and if you like what you see, let's do this! 

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Andrea Boehlke

Hi, I'm Andrea! From an early age, I didn't shy away from the camera. Some haters would call it the desire to be the "center of attention" but I think it's called confidence??? Did I push my cousins out of the way at age 6, to be on my dad's home video? There's not NOT video evidence of that.

After working as a TV host in New York City for a decade, I've discovered a passion for being behind the camera. I've been able to take the knowledge I've gained while working for People Magazine, Good Morning America, Discover Wisconsin, and being on the CBS show Survivor three times and apply it to videography and storytelling. You best believe I'll find your best angle!

In my free time, I still host TV shows and I enjoy traveling, playing volleyball, petting horses, collecting plants and never losing at Scrabble. 


Sabrina Boehlke

And I'm Sabrina! I've been captivated by video ever since I was a kid. I grew up watching my dad haul around this big honking camera that sat on his shoulders to every event I can think of, filming anything and everything. My parents would buy movies only to have them recorded over with a performance of my siblings and me singing Shania Twain's song "Man I feel like a woman". A little weird for 7-year-olds to be singing that, but I digress. At the time, I didn't realize how special it was. Our dad gave us a gift. A gift of unlocked memories of events and people who have passed on. Memories I would have long forgotten.

In high school, I really started to record everything. Videos for school, random ideas with my friends, and my personal favorite, an audition tape for my sister to be on the show Survivor. I honestly think the only reason she was picked was because of my sick handheld video skills.

I went on to study media in college, and have been doing it ever since. When I don't have a camera in hand, I'm usually holding a kombucha or a chocolate bar but I also love coaching lacrosse, being outdoors, and skiing mountains aka Sunburst ski hill. If you know, you know. 

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