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Oh, hey! Looks like you're in the right place because filming weddings is our passion. We provide top-notch video quality and storytelling, and bring the fun to your special day! These are moments that you're going to want to look back on, and it's important to us to capture it in a way that represents YOU! From getting ready to the ceremony, speeches, and dances, let's make some memories! Check out our videos and drop us a line!

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Basic Package

6 Hours
1 Videographer

10+ Minute Music Only Reel

1-2 Min Trailer

Downloadable Link 

8-12 Week Turnaround Time 


Platinum Package

8 Hours

1-2 Videographers

5 - 8 Minute Music + Audio Reel

Ceremony Video OR Reception Video

Downloadable Link 

8-12 Week Turnaround Time 


VIP Package

All Day Coverage

2 Videographers

8 - 12
Minute Music + Audio Reel

Drone Coverage

Ceremony and Reception Video

Downloadable Link

8-12 Week Turnaround Time 

What to expect!

An engagement photo session is not just about creating beautiful images; it's a celebration of your love story. It's a chance to freeze a moment in time that marks the beginning of your journey toward marriage. So, relax, be yourselves, and let your love shine through in every frame. These photos will be cherished memories that you and your loved ones will treasure for years to come.

Setting: The location for your engagement photo session is a crucial element in setting the tone and style of your photos. You can choose from a variety of options, including:

  1. Natural Beauty: Immortalize your love amidst the backdrop of a picturesque park, beach, forest, or any natural setting that resonates with your personalities.

  2. Urban Chic: Embrace the energy of the city with a downtown shoot featuring iconic landmarks, colorful street art, or stylish urban landscapes.

  3. Personal Spaces: Opt for the comfort of your own home, where you can capture intimate and candid moments that reflect your everyday life.

  4. Themed Adventure: Express your unique interests or hobbies with a themed engagement session. Whether it's a vintage-inspired shoot, a whimsical fairytale theme, or something entirely personal, let your imagination run wild.

Attire: Choose outfits that reflect your individual styles and complement each other. Coordinating colors or themes can create a visually appealing harmony in your photos. Consider bringing a couple of outfit changes to add variety to your photos.

Photography Style: Discuss your preferred photography style with us but you can opt for:

  1. Candid and Natural: Capture genuine, unposed moments that showcase your authentic connection.

  2. Romantic and Dramatic: Embrace dreamy lighting and settings for a more dramatic, cinematic feel.

  3. Fun and Playful: Infuse humor and playfulness into your photos to showcase your sense of adventure.

  4. Timeless Elegance: Aim for classic, timeless shots that will never go out of style.

Props and Accessories: Consider incorporating meaningful props or accessories that hold significance to your relationship. This could be anything from a vintage car to your furry friend or a cherished book.

Timing: Choose the best time of day for your session to capture the desired lighting, whether it's the soft glow of sunrise or the golden hues of sunset.

Embrace the Moment: During your engagement photo session, embrace the love you share. Be yourselves, enjoy each other's company, and let your photographer capture the magic that unfolds naturally.

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We watch our wedding video at least once every month ! The fact that they were able to capture not only the sheer essence of joy that my husband and I felt that day, but the purest form of love shared between us and our family captured on film . So grateful to Sabrina and Andrea for truly beautiful and exceptional work.

Meshelle & Alex

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Sabrina did such a great job capturing all of our special moments on our big day. She got every detail we wanted and edited it into a perfect highlight reel that we watch every anniversary! She provided such a high quality video and excellent professionalism.

Carli & Jake

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We loved the videos Sabrina and Andrea made for us! They were able to capture moments on our wedding day that we can enjoy the rest of our lives. On top of giving us an amazing video, they are fun and energetic people that added to the excitement of the wedding day. Sabrina and Andrea went above and beyond for us and we would highly recommend using them!

Evan & Megan

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